“You’re a legend Sita, thank you so very much for such prompt turnaround; I’ll get in to all the wonderful reading this weekend and start the journey. Once again thanks for today. It was good to chat and learn from you.” – Stu

Work with me, and this is what will happen.

We work together. We tap into your intuition and empower you. We listen to your body. There is no one size fits all, and I do not claim to have all the answers to give you all the beauty and energy you desire.

No one does. No one can do this for you. Every journey, every body, is unique. 

This is what I can do for you.

I will help your body find its way. I will arm you with the latest in bio-science, up to date research, lifestyle tools, genetic tests and medicinal foods you need to understand how to heal. I will guide you, support you and encourage curiosity, open mindedness and self reflection.

I will help you navigate the confusing health market.

I will empower you to become the master your own health and show you the middle ground.

My promise is to take you on a journey of longevity, education and healing.

To be there with you, holding your hand, while you do the work in the way that works for you.

There is huge gap in healthcare, and I’m here to fill it with education.

Yours in shining health,

Sita Huber

“Wow that information is amazing!! Thank you so much for all of your time, your recommendations and your support. I can’t tell you how good this all feels and I finally have a wonderful person to support me. Thank you for being so generous with your time and creating the BEST ROADMAP DOCUMENT EVER!!!” – Zoe

“Chronic illness is a biatch. After years of dealing with an autoimmune disease and gut issues, I’ve learned to maintain a fairly good bill of health and keep symptoms at bay without medication. That said, recently I’ve been dealing with FLC Syndrome. That’s feeling like crap syndrome. When you FLC , there’s a level of helplessness and hopelessness that sets in – you don’t quite have the energy to rally for yourself, make the dr appointments and ask for help etc… I read the signs my body was giving me, knew something was off, and was able to muster the energy to ask for help and I’m so glad I did. I just got off the phone with my guide Sita from Mind Body IQ and feel equipped and supported to work on healing (what I now know is) adrenal fatigue. All I had to do was take the fist step: book the appointment with a trusted resource. I know I’m in good hands and on the path to healing.” – Kimberly 

How it works.

Personalized Intensive – The Hormone Reset (Available for both men and women)

 This personalized in depth program is your foundation for healing the whole body. You will learn why hormones are always at the root of many imbalances, communicating to us is a myriad of ways. Your body really is smart!
The Hormone Reset is designed to reset your hormones and metabolism, nurture your mental health, fuel emotional stability, and empower your biochemistry to help you thrive. You haven’t experienced real health unless you have unlocked the power within your hormone system. They are influencing everything from how we feel to our libido, skin elasticity and wrinkles, acne, energy, gut bacteria, immunity, body composition, and general wellbeing. Hormone health is the key to vibrant living and longevity!
Give yourself the tools to look, feel and think healthier.
Find out more about The Hormone Reset by sending me a message at connect@mindbodyiq.com

this option if you want to work with me for up to 4 months and get all the support you need to heal deeply. This option packages up the 10 day program and the 30 day program along with a Full Consultation and extra support as well as information, for each men and women.

Go to the Shop to learn more and register!

A la Carte Options

The Mindful Detox – 10 Day Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Choose this program if you want a set meal plan (there’s some flexibility), and to clean up your diet and lifestyle! It’s gluten free and introduces you to keto principles without putting you on any strict ‘measuring’ diet.

The Mind Body Reset – 30 day program

Choose this program with either a basic 15 minute consultation or a Full Consultation (Private Patient) if you have something chronic or deeper going on, that you need support with. Note: This learning is pretty much essential for everyone, so I now only take new patients through this portal. You have to be willing to learn and put in the effort to work with me!