The Hormone Reset – Exclusive for Women


The Hormone Reset is a comprehensive package exclusive for women – for everything hormones! Heal your hormones, heal your life. Includes a Full Consultation, access to the Mind Body Reset, access to the Mindful Detox, a follow up session and the Mindful Hormones Education Kit. Sessions can be booked by online video from anywhere in the world.


The Hormone Reset is a comprehensive 4 month health and wellbeing package for women suffering from ongoing hormone imbalances impacting any combination of female hormones, adrenals and thyroid.

Although not well understood in conventional medicine hormones are incredibly important messengers in the body and when they are out of balance, everything suffers: mood, energy, sleep, appearance, fertility, libido, creativity. Everything. It’s simply hard to operate at full capacity when the messengers are signalling out of whack.

The body is so intelligent yet many of us are sensitive to common foods and hormone disrupting chemicals, and have a mal-adapted stress response. We’ve become so accustomed to a lower vibration of health, and have probably forgotten what true wellness is. We tough it out, we get used to it.

Inflammation is an invisible driver that can keep the whole body in a cycle of FLC (feeling like crap), and rather unfortunately it’s not something your GP is going to be flagging. They do not have the same Functional Medicine philosophy that is part of a holistic approach to healing, and is required to get to the root cause of our symptoms.

If you don’t feel good, and you have hormonal symptoms, I urge you to do something because it is likely resolvable through diet and lifestyle.

I’ve worked with many patients over the years and there is a common thread to many unsolved health issues. You guessed it. Hormones.

If you are suffering with conditions such as infertility, PCOS, endometriosis or have symptoms such as skin break outs, anxiety and moodiness or general fatigue then The Hormone Reset is your opportunity to lean in and learn why.

When you purchase The Hormone Reset package you will receive:

  • The Mindful Hormones Education Kit including 2 webinars and an e-book (value $39)
  • Access to The Mindful Detox (value $149)
  • Access to the Mind Body Reset with Full Consultation  (value 395)
  • 2 x follow up session (value $190)

Total Value $773

All for $549 (Save $224)