Breakfast and lunch can both be challenging meals, especially when we make and effort to cut out endocrine disrupting wheat toast and sandwiches. I’m a fan of any creative way to use low sugar fruit and vegetables in place of breads, since this is the #1 way we can boost our health.

Avocados are the absolute highest on the list of beneficial foods when it comes to hormones and blood sugar balance.

They contain all 3 essential forms of Vitamin E including gamma linoleic acid, plus healthy mono-unsaturated fats and about 12 grams of fibre to keep us feeling full longer. Fibre is also important for keeping our gut bacteria healthy, and ensuring phase 3 detoxification systems are high functioning alongside the role of the liver. Plus avo’s contain the highest concentration of brain protecting anti-oxidants of any other fruit or vegetable. They are naturally low sugar and contain twice the potassium of a banana, a mineral needed for healthy nervous system function and blood pressure.

Add to that whole eggs which provide choline, B vitamins and protein, and we are looking at a very efficient whole food way to give ourselves an energy and mood lift without a synthetic multi-vitamin. Plus these foods are both delicious!

Here’s how I prepared these very simple baked eggs in avocado, feel free to jazz up your toppings.

Step 1. Cut avocado in half and remove pit

Step 2. Scoop out 1-2 tbs of avocado, especially lengthwise, this will make room for your egg

Step 3. Place avo’s gently balanced on muffin tin molds, then crack in your egg

Step 4. Add a bit of salt and chopped cilantro or use feta, basil, or dukkah, be creative!

Step 5. Bake at 350 for 12-17 mins. until white is cooked through.

I used the scooped out avocado for a guacamole-feta mash on the side, but you could also freeze for smoothies or use in a dessert such as my Chocolate Avocado Mousse which is available in my free e-book The Beauty Fuel Diet.


Yours in shining health,


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