Restriction mindset says “I have no good options, I have to eat less and suffer.”

Nourishment mindset says “The foods that bring me the most joy are also good for me.”

As we unlearn and release what doesn’t serve us. We find what does.

We can recreate what we love. And find deeper satisfaction.

We can honour our bodies needs, and still find comfort in food.

Nourishment and pleasure belong together.


Mind Body IQ is a Functional Medicine practise that helps patients get to the root cause of their symptoms by addressing the underlying biochemical imbalance, and encouraging self-reflection alongside empowered education.

Sita Huber works with patients looking to connect the dots, and gain a deeper understanding of their bodies by leaning in to their body’s messages. She uses functional medicine principles to support their mental, physical and emotional health with supplements, diet and lifestyle.

Functional Medicine offers a focused approach using up to date science, mindset, and lifestyle tools to encourage greater health and vitality. It delves deeper into the puzzle of the human body and asks questions about how we are living, moving and thinking, and how this is influencing our overall health.

By focusing on our diet, using therapeutic supplements, incorporating stress management, exercise, movement and the art of holistic lifestyle, we can ultimately change our inner chemistry. We all have the power to heal within us, and Functional Medicine works with the body to ignite this amazing wisdom. Functional Medicine is not about outsmarting the body. It is about working with it. It is about empowering your body to do what it knows how to do. The health industry is changing, in particular the nutrition landscape has literally flipped upside down. Most people can’t keep up. Even health professionals. Mind Body IQ offers programs and services appropriate for anyone with an interest in learning including doctors, psychologists and various health professionals.

How we eat and think is where it all begins.

Choose from a 10 or 30 Day Program

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