A foundation for deep healing and learning.

Give your body 30 days to re-energise, reflect, repair and RESET.

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Eat. Nourish. Heal.

The Mind Body Reset is a guided online program that goes beyond conventional cookie cutter solutions and crash diets. Over 30 days you will learn to identify the root cause of your symptoms and access the deeper healing and wisdom of the body.

Mind Body Reset

Here’s how it works.
Over 5 webinars along with a supportive eating plan, guidebook and recipes you will be guided to:

  • Heal your metabolism and hormones.
  • Up level your health beyond traditional diets and weight loss.
  • Rest and recharge, prevent burnout and understand why you’re so tired.
  • Have access to clinical therapeutic supplements targeted at the gut, adrenals, liver and inflammation.
  • Be part of a supportive online private Facebook community.
  • Be inspired to be more intuitive, connected, centred and empowered in your own body.
  • Understand the fundamental principles of Functional Medicine and how emerging lifestyle science and traditional wisdom can help you experience a new sense of clarity, ease and vitality in your body.
  • The Mind Body Reset is available as a Basic Program or you can Upgrade Your Reset.

Module 1

You will learn the basis of the Reset diet and healing principles.

Module 2

You will learn about the biochemistry of detoxification and how to best support your gut and liver.

Module 3

You will learn about the impact of stress on your adrenals and overall health.

Module 4

You will learn about the thyroid and your hormones, and how to re-balance naturally.

Module 5

We will put this all together in a final summary and discuss how to move on ‘after the reset’.


You will also receive BONUS learning modules “Meditation as Medicine” and “Talking Supplements” so you can boost your awareness and be more successful using these tools.


Sita’s knowledge and passion for nutrition and well-being is exceptional. I would recommend the Mind Body Reset to anyone with gut disorders, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue or those that simply need a reboot. – Jess, Osteopath

Thanks so much Sita Huber, this is the best money I have EVER invested in myself! My life has turned around. I have never learned so much about my body, my diet and as a result my mental and physical health!” – Clare

Sita Huber. You have definitely changed my life. I am so inspired with your passion and advice….Love love love what you do!!!!! And more importantly love love love the way I feel!!! Thanks so much. You’re amazing. – Paul

Sometimes you cross paths with people who inspire and push you to be better. Sita is that person. Her knowledge, passion and beautiful soul, triggers something inside of you. The MBR program clears up the confusion about health, food and wellness. Rendering me more educated, empowered, connected and grounded and as she states, more aware of how I now think, move and consume. The Reset has steered me in the right direction, on a journey I will definitely continue. Thank you.” – Suzi

Here’s what you’ll get.

Tools for deeper healing and learning.

1:1 session and ongoing support from a clinical functional medicine nutritionist
7 x 1 hour recorded webinars plus a comprehensive guidebook
An eating plan and delicious recipes
Lifestyle, movement and mindfulness tips
A supportive online community and private FB group

Lean in to start learning today.

The Mind Body Reset is an opportunity to learn about therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle tools. This is where food meets medicine meets real life individuals who all have different needs. The Reset is a foundation program for anyone suffering with hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue and stress, gut issues, or any chronic health problems that are ‘stuck’.

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