The Mindful Smoothie Guide




The Mindful Smoothie Guide is a perfect tool to help you start eating right for your hormones, gut health and mood. In it you will get 12 delicious recipes to get started right away making your own low sugar, nourishing smoothies.

PLUS you will learn about the PFF Smoothie Formula for blood sugar balance and how to get the right balance of ingredients to fuel your body for vitality and deeper healing.

Sita’s Smart Smoothie Formula forms the basis of breakfast (and snack) options for both the Mind Body Reset and The Mindful Detox

Alongside mindfulness tips, and mantras to shift into a calmer Vagal Nervous System response, the Mindful Smoothie Guide is a powerful lifestyle tool for those seeking a balanced approach, and who want to avoid the common pitfalls of the many popular diets out there.

Whether you already love yoga and meditation, have never tried, or are just getting started, The Mindful Smoothie Guide is the perfect compliment to enhance your mindfulness and uplevel your daily routine.

BONUS Video: Meditation As Medicine

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