Why Functional Medicine?

Get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Mind Body Reset

Kind keto, mostly plant-based, very Mediterranean, a little bit paleo and 100% evidence-based.

Healing is not about erasing what happened in the past, it is about finding the places the hurt got stuck, and loving those places so much they become free.

The Mind Body Reset

Learn about therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle tools, without flip flopping around. This where food meets medicine meets real life individuals who all have different needs. The Reset is a foundation program for anyone suffering with hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue and stress, gut issues such as IBS or leaky gut, or chronic health problems that are ‘stuck’.

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The Mindful Detox

Get rid of harmful sugar in your diet and reduce inflammation in the body. This is a 10 Day introduction to keto-inspired eating that will be like TLC to your WHOLE nervous system! Processed, sugar, dairy and gluten free with a focus on your deeper emotional and mental well-being through mindfulness techniques alongside stress management.

Program includes diet plan, recipes, video learning modules and daily inspiration.

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Feeling Groggy? You May Need to Detox Your Brain

Feeling Groggy? You May Need to Detox Your Brain

Most of us don't think of our brain as needing to detox. But while you sleep your brain shrinks by an incredible 60% as it releases toxins via meningeal lymphatics, otherwise known as glymphatics. These vessels are responsible for clearing old immune cells, metabolic...

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Why I Need to Over-Do My Self-Care [And You Might Too]

Why I Need to Over-Do My Self-Care [And You Might Too]

Being a new mama to a now 3.5 yo has been a lot harder than I had imagined. [Anyone else seem to be crazy optimistic in the face of new challenges?] You know that brave moment before you dive into something big? I pictured myself simply adding my new mom-life duties...

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Almond & Collagen Shortbread Cookies

Almond & Collagen Shortbread Cookies

Celebration times can be tricky as we navigate refined flours and sugars that are so popular in modern foods and especially baked goodies. Which is why I love giving you simple recipes like this one that totally change the game, making healthy food fun again and...

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“I can’t tell you how thankful I am!!! All these food tips and everything has me so hooked on health!! I literally love the food so much and see all the benefits both physically and mentally. Thank you for all your guidance Sita!”

Aleyna Fitzgerald, winner Australia’s Next Top Model, Season 10

“Sita is a powerhouse of nutritional, biological and mindfulness knowledge. She clearly has a passion and purpose for educating and informing her clients, balanced with her caring and understanding nature. I would highly recommend Mind Body IQ to anyone who wants to understand their body and mind better and find the unique blend of foods and lifestyle that suit you.”

Steph Maynard

"I would recommend the Mind Body Reset to anyone with gut disorders, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue or those that simply need a reboot.”

Dr. Jess Hyde, Participant

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