Mind Body Reset – Private Patient



Note: I only accept new patients 1) through this package or 2) you can upgrade further to The Hormone Reset or The Healthy Man.

This package includes a Full Hour Consultation plus a BONUS 15 call with me anytime through the program (this is your call a friend moment!). You will also get full access to the Mind Body Reset – my signature online program. As a private patient we can discuss prior diagnosis, look at your tests, and  I will recommend additional testing and resources for you where applicable, all personalised to your own journey.

Here’s what you get when you register. 

Many of you have started to collect knowledge with some form of diagnosis or treatment at some point in time. And even though you have started, you likely still have questions. What now? For how long? What does this information really mean? And most importantly, how do I implement it?

You want to continue to progress.

The Mind Body Reset program is the educational foundation for you to be best equipped on the health journey. It has been created to address the many ‘gaps’ between being told what to do and actually being able to do it. It gives you more understanding of healing, detoxification and solid nutrition information all while guiding you through a therapeutic diet protocol.

The Reset is for everyone, it’s the base for us to work from and allows you to understand so much more about your body and natural medicine.

This is the program I want all my patients to do, which is why I’ve made it compulsory moving forward. Knowledge is your access to the power of healing. If you don’t do the program, we simply miss a big chunk of what’s needed!

Once you register, you will then receive a confirmation email and a link to book your 1 hour 1:1. During the session we will decide on a start date, and personalise everything for you.

Any questions please email sita@mindbodyiq.com