Eating less sugar is a game changer, a life changer and possibly a life saver. 

I often get asked if I eat the way I teach in my programs all the time. 

The answer is yes. 

I allow for a few special indulgences now and then but they are not far out of my spectrum.

Here are 12 Reasons to Eat Less Sugar

  1. A tablespoon suppresses the immune system for 3 hours
  2. A serving can further impact the body for up to 2 weeks
  3. Reduces Vitamin C effectiveness by blocking receptors
  4. Causes Glycation: a process where collagen is broken down in the skin
  5. Overloads the liver and contributes to Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease, more and more common in children
  6. Triggers inflammation and disease
  7. Feeds cancer cells
  8. Raises insulin and disrupts hormone function
  9. Increases activity of the hunger hormone grehlin
  10. Triggers anxiety and mood swings
  11. Feeds bad bacteria in the gut
  12. Disrupts the sleep-wake cycle

Once you learn why (ie # 4 causing skin aging) and how (I help you learn in both my online programs The Mindful Detox and the Mind Body Reset) to get off sugar it genuinely starts to make you feel bad even thinking about putting it your body. 

It’s no longer a craving. Your body starts to heal, metabolic shifts occur, the brain is on board. Our taste buds even re-learn what tastes  good, and reject overly sweet foods. ‘Too sweet’ is my usual response to what most like. 

I prefer to make my own desserts because I love the way they feel when I eat them. 

Food should not be harmful. 

Kids should not be getting liver disease. 

Did you know on Halloween the average child eats 3 cups of sugar?

This is the equivalent of letting kids get drunk on alcohol. Not on the surface, but in the body. The liver processes sugar and alcohol the same way, and when there’s an overload it’s stored in the liver as fat.

I could go on. There’s honestly a million more reasons why sugar just has to be addressed.

When we let it go we can start to heal. 

And when we heal, we can be the model our kids need. 

Life is simply better when our sugar boundaries are in place.

Yours in shining health,

xo Sita

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