Healing is not about erasing what happened in the past, it is about finding the places the hurt got stuck, and loving that part of yourself so much it becomes free.

I share with you today from what has worked for me personally in healing my own childhood trauma.

Experiencing overwhelming events most often will later manifest at some point as ‘disease’, as we are often unable to cope in the moment. It becomes the body’s cry for help. It’s wisdom.

It’s incredibly important to hold space for ourselves during this process, and practise conscious healing techniques. They are an integral part of reconnecting our mind and body.

Where there has been trauma, there is always a disconnect. A mistrust.

Our healing involves rewiring our brain and body to feel safe again, to release the trauma (or blockage). To massage it, carress it, tenderly nurture it.

And in the case of childhood trauma, we aim to feel safe, likely for the very first time. It takes real work and commitment.

Know that there is no rush to heal. The trauma memory will wait for us, however long we need, to finally be released and healed. This path that opens up for us should not be looked at as a punishment, even though it is painful and difficult. It is part of our journey back to our true self. It is our HEALING. It is about finding the source of LOVE that is already within us, and allowing it to wash over us

Important Tools for Healing [Trauma]:

1. Meditation
2. Journalling
3. Empathy and words of validation towards yourself
4. Cooking nourishing comfort foods
5. Being in nature
6. Gentle yoga and low cortisol exercise
7. Taking your time and resting
8. Setting boundarie

Out of this list, I encourage you to explore what stands out to you. Is there something that calls? What can you do today to support your own healing journey?

Watch my short video  for more about the practise of meditation for healing and stress management.

Sending you love, healing and strength.

Sita Huber, BHsc

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