A recent talk with my family doctor went like this.

Me: “Can we possibly order me a hormone profile test? I want to check if I might be entering peri-menopause because I’ve had increased insomnia and anxiety, and I’m 44.”

My GP: “I wish we could, but all the tests offered through MSP are pretty much useless for that. They just aren’t sensitive enough. Conventional tests really only tell us once something is already wrong, but aren’t able to identify subtle changes before that.”

She then went on to tell me that she’s really interested in learning more about the other tests, and suggested I see a local Naturopath. Hmmm. I think I know someone is what I was thinking…..(Spoiler Alert: it’s ME)

I also know why I like her so much.

What I respected in this visit was that my doctor was OPEN to what I wanted and knew about integrative options. I was really just asking her to see what might be available in Canada (compared to Australia where I’d been living), and to double check what I have presumed about all doctors all along: Whether they like it or not, they are bound in a system that treats disease, and is in no way preventative or lifestyle oriented.

This conversation with my doctor was the motivation I needed to get in touch with Genova Diagnostics, and finally set up my Practitioner account here in Canada.

Now I am happy to report I am now all set up and ready to go with Genova. (Can I get an amen sister?!)

First stop, I will be ordering my own hormone test. (I will show these to my doctor next time I’m in that is certain!)

And I was thinking this.

Would you like to follow my personal hormone story as it unfolds?

I’m in a place (like many of you) where I just know my body has changed this past year. My brain works differently, I feel different. I am different. Whether it’s been the stress of the move and life changes, or age, or both, I just know that seeing my hormones on paper will help me to understand better where to support myself. To bring better focus.

And to give me peace of mind.

Here’s what I’m looking at.

The test I’m going to be ordering to check my hormones is called the ‘Rhythm Plus’ and it will involve a saliva collection over 28 days. It will measure a variety of sex hormones at certain points in my cycle as well as DHEA, cortisol and melatonin.

Depending on those results I can then assess potential additional tests. (Note my doctor did order a test for my B12, ferritin and TSH which are covered by MSP).

In the hope that this benefits your own curiosities, and sheds some behind the scenes light on what it’s like to order private specialty testing, I’m going to share my whole journey and the results.

And right now, my mind is saying… uhhh. That’s crazy Sita.

What if there’s something wrong? What if there’s nothing wrong and I wasted my money? What if…. There’s a whole bunch of feelings coming up, but that’s exactly where I think the gold is. I get to be in your shoes.

So stay tuned for some videos coming your way in the coming weeks.

You can of course also follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on my upcoming posts and stories…. if you don’t already 🙂

For those of you in Australia, just confirming I still use Nutripath for all of your testing needs there. They have a very similar range of tests available to Genova (as well as some Genova genetic tests) and are an excellent company as well.

I’m relieved to finally be moving this forward. There’s been a lot of other focuses in my life, but I have to say there is truly something so empowering about finally having a green light on something that’s been there quietly whispering in the background for so long. Something for me. About me.

Here’s to brave exposure. And moving forward, at any pace it takes.

Yours in shining health,


Sita Huber, BHSc
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