I often work with clients who have tried everything, and are literally at their wits end to resolve their health issues. They are over the arduous process of eliminating foods, have overspent on supplements that are still in their cupboard, and still feel just as tired as ever.

But here’s the thing. We can do too much.

Focusing on what’s wrong in the body is like a constant reinforcement that we are not healed. It self perpetuates in a strange backwards way, and this mindset (like any mindset) impacts our internal chemistry. What we think, we become.

In order to embody the healing energy we want in our lives, we need to find a sense of ease in the experience. In yoga this is thought of as being steady (sthira) and being comfortable (sukha) simultaneously. It is a balance of accepting and being.

What I suggest you explore is finding a new sense of awareness with how much you have already done. Right now, however you feel, tired or not, it is enough. You don’t have to push yourself to do more. Honestly, you should wait to until you feel you want to move forward whenever possible. We need to find true alignment.

Here’s the thing. Healing is not a start up business or a race to win. It’s not a game of motivation. 

The truth is that being on a health journey is a continuing practise, we are always improving. Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback, and we are learning over and over how to ‘lean in’ and listen, and adjust accordingly.

Yes, we want to heal and alleviate our symptoms, yes we want to get all the answers like now. But we can’t do everything all at once. It doesn’t work that way, it will happen authentically when we find the ease. And trust me, healing has to be authentic. The body knows.

My own healing has a been a very a personal transformation, not linear at all, and it’s never happened on demand. My back pain still relapses when I’m emotionally vulnerable, my gut symptoms flare up when I am anxious and fearful. These are not things that are ‘wrong’, these are things to pay attention to. Why should we expect to feel good all the time? How would the body communicate to us that change is needed if we feel ‘up and happy’ 24/7?

The body is constantly giving us feedback about our environment, and this discomfort is part of it’s gift. We need to understand that healing is bigger than this body, it’s an existential experience beyond our current physical and medical understanding.

All you have to do, every day, is focus on your self care. Be patient and be sensitive to your experience. Embrace it all equally, the good, the bad, the imperfect gifts. This level of trust and ease will ultimately lead you to the healing your body craves.

Sita Huber, BHSc

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