The beauty industry tells a lot of stories.

Look like this. Eat that. Be skinny. Be curvy. Use our products.

It’s confusing, and often contradictory. We have so much information on beauty to choose from that it is easy to lose sight of the actual truth. This is why I want you to consider your own beliefs on beauty before you buy into that story.

I’m challenging it all.

Beauty is about how you live your life, your education and knowledge of living, and it’s about letting the real you shine through. Beauty is a journey of self. By the very nature of beauty, there are no products that can make you beautiful. When we strip away the fancy dressing and cover up, we are made of the life we live and breathe.

As a health practitioner my biggest observation of the trend to start wearing make up from a younger and younger age is this. When did our youth start to feel they weren’t enough?

There is nothing wrong with dress up or fashion or self expression mind you. It’s just that what we have fallen into a trap and replaced  the ‘surface’ of appearance with a deeper connection to inner beauty. We often don’t even know what someone really looks like behind make-up. Dark circles, acne, dull skin tone. All magically erased by the right foundation.

The things we do to enhance ourselves are fun and a perfectly healthy ritual in concept, but when we wear that mask we lose a connection to self.

Interestingly the state of our skin that we are covering up is often a vital clue about our health. When we wear heavy make-up and hide the flaws, we are also potentially ignoring the signs of what is happening inside.

This is why the conversation about food for beauty is so important. When we return to what we eat as a starting point, we become grounded in the truth of our chemistry. Food provides the building blocks for our whole self to shine through. It’s basic biochemistry.

Beauty Fuel.

When I taught the girls the Beauty Fuel nutrition workshop at Australia’s Next Top Model, they went from ‘oh she’s gonna tell us what to eat’ to ‘wow my body is so interesting!’ really quickly. I don’t teach calorie counting or how to make a perfect pretty plate for healthy skin. It doesn’t work that way and if we continue to dumb things down to that degree we are quite honestly never going to get anywhere.

Bodies are smart. They are complex, and we are the ones who have to look after them. There is no outsourcing beauty. There is no quick fix.

Learning about food for beauty with Beauty Fuel is the first pillar to learning how to live a vibrant life. It’s about understanding how your body works, why you definately need to look after you gut and liver, and how a functional approach to nutrition is needed to replace a rather archaic and restrictive model that doesn’t address food chemicals, a rise in insulin resistance and disruption of the gut’s microbiome. All factors leading to internal stress and likely showing up as clues on the skin.

We can break the mould and start a new journey anytime. There is already a wealth of new science at our fingertips, and we all just need to all lean in to this and be open to learning about our bodies and what they really want from us. This is how healthy is made, living it, learning it and being it.

Education is the foundation for the cultivation of beauty.

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Yours in shining health,


Sita Huber, BHSc

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